Encouraging the art of self-expression.

We are Dress Up - an initiative aimed at encouraging and exploring the art of self-expression through fashion.

Founded by Tosca Webb in 2017, Dress Up began as a photoshoot concept with the intent of urging connectedness between photographer and model, and to provide an environment where people are free to explore clothing without judgement. We wanted to capture a moment of uninhibited self-expression, using clothing as a medium. After the first shoot - held in a friend’s apartment bedroom - it became evident that we had tapped into something unique.

Dress Up has now held multiple sold-out events, curated a line of vintage clothing and merchandise, collaborated with other art collectives, and produced extensive and varied photo and video content.

Dressing up can be done with intent and introspection, especially when doing so with the absence of ego. Naivety of other people’s projections is what Dress Up is about — shedding societal expectations and actively deciding to refute fashion norms in order to express yourself honestly through clothing. We are all superstars!